Selecting the right office curtains is key to creating a productive and comfortable professional workspace. The curtains you choose impact light control, noise reduction, privacy, aesthetic appeal, and more. Follow this guide if you don’t know how to choose the perfect office curtains for a professional workspace.

Things to Consider When Choosing Office Curtains

Consider Quality and Cost

High-end office curtains last longer and offer greater light-blocking capabilities than cheap curtains. Consider spending more on curtains made of thick, opaque fabrics that will stand up well to frequent opening and closing. Treated fabrics also resist fading and help insulate rooms. You get what you pay for with office curtains. Cheaper curtains may save money upfront but wear out faster.

The best office curtains strike a balance between quality and affordability. Look for good quality curtains priced competitively, factoring in the size of your windows. Also, check ratings and reviews to determine durability. Well-made office curtains provide an attractive appearance plus functionality for many years.

Consider Light and Heat Requirements

Light and Heat Requirements Office Curtains

Office sheer curtains play a vital role in regulating natural light and heat from windows. Consider the direction your office windows face and sunlight exposure throughout the day. South-facing windows receive the most direct sun exposure. East-facing windows get morning sun, and west-facing windows get hot afternoon sun. North-facing windows typically have the least sun exposure. All impact the interior light and temperature.

Opt for room-darkening curtains in offices with abundant sunlight, especially if employees need to view computer screens. Thermal blackout curtains are best for blocking heat gain along with light. Use sheer or lightweight curtains if minimal light control is needed. Be sure to get curtains wide and long enough to cover each window for maximum light blocking.

Find Easy to Maintain Office Curtains

Maintain Office Curtains

Look for low-maintenance office curtains made of durable and stain-resistant fabrics if possible. Treated fabrics help repel dust and liquid spills, keeping curtains looking cleaner longer between washings. Washable fabrics are also a smart choice for office spaces.

Consider lined curtains, which protect the fabric from sunlight damage over time. If going with unlined curtains, determine if the fabric is sunproof or UV-blocking. Curtains with grommets or loops accommodate easy sliding on rods, too. Make sure to get office curtains that will stand up well to routine opening/closing and will not require special care.

Prioritize Fire Safety

Fire Safety Office Curtains

Fire safety should be a top consideration when purchasing office blackout curtains. Check that all office curtains and draperies meet the flammability standards for commercial buildings in your region. Fire codes prohibit unsafe fabrics, posing burning risks in work facilities.

The most fire-resistant office curtains carry safety certifications from organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Labels to look for include NFPA 701 or California Technical Bulletin (Cal TB) 117-2013. These designate professional-grade fire resistance. Getting properly certified fire-retardant office curtains reduces risks significantly.

Match Style to Your Office’s Design

Match Style to Your Office’s Design

While functionality matters most for office curtains, also consider the aesthetic design. The style of curtains you select impacts the overall look and feel of the professional space. For a sophisticated appeal, choose solid colors or simple patterns using quality fabrics. Floor-length curtains with decorative finials convey upscale elegance.

For a smart yet casual office environment, tailored panels in soothing, neutral tones work well. Bold colors or whimsical prints cater more to creative firm cultures. Match the curtain style to your office layout and architecture for a cohesive design. Consistency across all office windows also makes spaces feel put together. Mix and match curtain styles cautiously in professional settings.

Consider Privacy Needs

Privacy Office Curtains

Sheer curtains allow plentiful natural light into offices while obscuring views and activities inside. Soft-filtered light creates pleasant workspaces but does not provide much privacy. Solid opaque office curtains or blackout curtains offer full privacy for sensitive discussions, private phone calls and video conferences.

Consider positioning offices needing more privacy away from windows facing walkways or roads. Placing desks perpendicular to windows also enables discretion while allowing some light inside. Identify areas needing light-blocking curtains or additional window treatments like blinds for adjustable privacy control and minimal outdoor visibility.

Choose Easy to Coordinate Curtains

Easy to Coordinate Office Curtains

Stick to neutral white, beige or gray office curtains to easily coordinate with existing furniture and wall colors. Navy blue and chocolate brown nicely accent most professional décor as well. Boldly patterned curtains appear dated and clash with business attire. Keep office curtains simple yet sophisticated.

Consider adding design touches like contrasting trim, woven textures or metallic grommets to prevent overly boring curtains. Just steer clear of immature themes and distracting loud colors that are unfit for serious workplaces. It helps when ordering sets of uniform office curtains or drapes so everything matches flawlessly. Well-chosen office curtains tie the whole professional space together.


After knowing the right way to choose the perfect office curtains for a professional workspace, appropriate office curtains benefit productivity, comfort and visual appeal in professional work settings. Carefully assess lighting, heating, privacy, coordination, maintenance and safety needs when selecting window treatments.

Prioritizing quality curtains made of durable light-blocking fabrics will serve your workplace best over years of daily use. Properly outfitting office windows with curtains creates pleasant and functional environments conducive to success.