Curtains are the most significant accessorizing element to perk up the decor of any place. Because curtains are a perfect way to enhance the ambience and style of your living place. Curtains are one of the decorative elements that provide a finishing touch to your place.

We have mentioned the different Ways to Hang Curtains in a Rental Apartment so now you can hang curtains in your home the way you like. However, hanging blackout curtains in the rental apartments is sort of tricky, as you can’t hang drapes on the walls due to the damage they cause, and you have to pay for it.

The most crucial thing to consider in this case is how you can hang the curtains in the rental apartment. Hanging curtains in rental apartments can’t be done in a single step. Therefore, Here’s a quick guide to different ways to hang curtains in apartments. Let’s read this article thoroughly for a step-by-step process and complete your project.

6 Easy Ways to Hang Curtains In a Rental Apartment

There are different ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment, with a brief discussion. Let’s move towards the first step of our guide.

1. Use the Existing Curtain Rods

Existing Curtain Rods

Some apartments luckily have a curtain rod already, but there is another possibility of whether these existing rods are compatible with your curtains or not. If they are well-matched with your curtains, then it is a bonus for you, but that is a rare case.

In either case, you can use your curtain rod. If your curtain rods are in good condition, then you don’t have to buy new ones. Use your old ones and save the expense of buying a new rod. There are two different possibilities for these curtains:

  • Adapt your Curtains to Fit with the Rod of Your Apartments

The first possibility is that you can match your curtains with the curtain rod in your apartment. This can be done by sewing a patch or strip of curtains according to the rods or using rings of curtains or any other accessorizing element that can match the curtain rod.

  • Buy Extra Long Curtains & hang them over the Existing curtain rod

Buy Extra Long Curtains & hang them over the Existing curtain rod

The other Ways to Hang Curtains in a Rental Apartment is to hide the rod by purchasing curtains longer than the height of the existing rods. For this purpose, buy the double-length fabric according to your window and hang it over the rod. You may need to readjust these curtains’ fabric after using them each time.

2. Hang your curtains By Using Heavy-Duty Magnet

Hang your curtains By Using Heavy-Duty Magnet

If you already have a curtain rod that you like and don’t want to buy a new one, you can use a magnetic solution to attach it to the wall. Only metal curtain rods can be attached to the wall with these powerful magnets.

These magnets can provide essential support to your curtain rod and are attached to the wall with the help of strong command hooks. These hooks provide support without having holes in your wall, and they don’t leave any sticky residue behind whenever you remove them.

For the final step, attach the rail to the magnets and hang them like the way you hang curtains. But avoid using heavy drapes for this magnetic solution, as they can make the rail fall. Moreover, you can use a built-in magnetic curtain rod to attach to any metallic surface. These magnetic rods are available in any accessorizing store.

3. Make Your Own Curtain Frame

Make Your Own Curtain Frame

Making your own curtain rod is the easiest way to hang curtains in a rental apartment. You can build your curtains frame yourself and customize it according to your requirement. These rods can be moved from one place to another without any fuss. Most event planners create their own curtains rod to hang in the wadding or party functions.

The curtain rod is a bar on the top of the window that is used to hang, open, and close window treatments with finials at both ends. Creating your own rod is quite easy and helps to save money. To make your rod by yourself, follow these easy steps:

  • Measure the window dimensions of the room where you want to hang the curtain rod.
  • Take a pipe of quality material, either metal or copper and cut your pipe with a cutter or saw into a length larger than your windows.
  • Paint the rod with spray paint that matches your curtain’s colour and allow it to rest until it gets dry.
  • You can also paint your related accessories like rod brackets or clips to match your curtains brackets.
  • Make a mark where you want to place brackets and attach the brackets to the wall.
  • Slide your curtain rings onto the rod when the rod is completely dry.
  • Then attach the finials to the curtain rod to avoid the curtains sliding off.
  • Lastly, attach your curtain and place your rod on the wall.

4. Try Spring Tension Rod

Try Spring Tension Rod

The other Ways to Hang Curtains in a Rental Apartment that you can try to hang curtains in a rental apartment is the use of a spring tension rod. These rods are exceptional and versatile as they can fit the width of any space by using a suspension rod. There are enormous sizes available for tension rods, and you can buy them from any big box store.

For the spring tension rod, you don’t have to drill into your wall as it can fit any window size without using any gadgets, screws, or nails. They are very easy to install and an inexpensive method to use for hanging curtains.

5. Use Clip-On Brackets

Use Clip-On Brackets

Another alternative method for hanging curtains in apartments is the use of clip-on brackets. This is probably the easiest method to adopt, as you can just clip them to the top of your outdoor curtains and hang your curtains and rod.

You can use quality brackets that you can buy from any store near you. These clip-on brackets don’t require any tools. You can simply remove the clips from the brackets when you move from your rental apartment.

6. Hang a Curtain Rail With Command Brand Hooks

Hang a Curtain Rail With Command Brand Hooks

Hanging a curtain rod with command brand hooks is easy to attach to the smooth walls. These command hooks are widely used among those people who live in rental apartments because they are the saving grace for every renter.

These hooks are perfect for a curtain rod that is light in weight and large or extra-large in length. You just need to hang hooks on either side of the rod and your job is done here. These hooks need sticky strips and need to wait for approximately 24 hours so that the sticky strips and hooks fully adhere to the wall.

Ending Note!!!

Now that you know about different ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment and that it is quite easy and inexpensive, you can save money by using any of these methods for hanging curtains without damaging your walls. You don’t have to use extra tools or special accessories except those that are required for accomplishing your task. You can use the existing rails to minimize your expenses. I hope this article will help you tackle the related situation.