Sheer curtains are an elegant and standard way of decorating your interior nowadays, because of their luxurious and gleaming look. These curtains are trending for their unique specifications. Sheer curtains are lightweight, sun and light-filtered curtains that provide a breezy sense and lighten your room.

Sheer curtains are available in distinctive colors, amazing fabrics, and versatile textures. Therefore, it is burdensome to select them from a wide range of collections. Here is a guide for you on how to choose the best type of sheer curtains with the aspects of colors, tracks, headings, and many more. Let’s discuss the tips you should consider while choosing the best sheer curtains.

Choosing The Best Type Of Sheer Curtains

While choosing the Best Type Of Sheer Curtains, remind yourself of these easy elements.

  • Type of room or Space
  • Color of sheer curtains
  • The fabric of sheer curtains
  • Tracks of sheer curtains
  • Headings of sheer curtains
  • The direction of sheer curtains
  • The Style of sheer curtains

Let’s begin with one and go through each of them. It will surely make your selection of sheer curtains easier for you.

1. Type Of Your Space

The first thing you should consider before choosing sheer curtains is the interior of your home. It is based on the perspective that you are buying it for a bedroom, living room, balcony, or lounge. These spaces all require attention regarding their color combinations, styles, and fabrics. Choose the best fabric, grey color curtains, and style for your space to make your interior eye-catching and marvelous.

2. Selection of Appropriate Color

Selection of Appropriate Color

Choosing a suitable color for sheer curtains is surely a tough decision to make. The colour of the sheer curtain has a significant impact on the interior of your room. So, before choosing the colour of sheer curtains, remind yourself of the interior of your room and the colour of the walls and flooring.

There should be a combined relationship between these three elements for the exclusive decor of your room. Without overcomplicating, let’s explore some of the best colour options for sheer curtains. For white-washed walls, Pink curtains are the best, but if you want to add something more fascinating, then choose grey sheer curtains. White-colored sheer curtains will look glamorous against dark-colored walls and will make your room look classy and fabulous.

3. The fabric of Sheer Curtains

fabric of Sheer Curtains

For choosing the Best Type Of Sheer Curtains, the fabrics of the curtains hold crucial importance because they have to resist different situations. Sheer curtains are made of different varieties of fabrics, but one thing in common with all of them is that they are all breezy and lightweight fabrics. The exclusive varieties of sheer door curtains are voile, linen, silk, cotton, and chiffon. Voile is a lighter, smoother, and more transparent fabric that is a blend of cotton and linen.

Linen is slightly heavier and more textured and is best for traditional homes. Silk fabric is weightier than synthetic fabrics, but it absorbs moisture and is a pricy fabric. Cotton sheer also has a transparent fabric. Chiffon sheer curtains give a uniform weave and are not textured. Choose the best quality fabric that suits your room decor, is highly durable, and has the best quality.

4. Heading of Sheer Curtains

The heading of your sheer curtains either makes or breaks the overall appearance more than any other element can. Here is a quick description of the different headings to be chosen.

Eyelet Heading

  • S-fold Heading

It is either fixed or curved back and forth with an ‘S’ orientation along the track and the rod. It is foolproof and adds sophistication to your room.

  • Eyelet Heading

It is curved back and forth like an S-fold but there’s a rod running through each ‘S’ at the top. These are used in traditional homes.

  • Pencil Pleat Heading

Pencil pleat heading is the best for sheer curtains, and there is bunching on the top because more fabric is used in the pleat heading.

5. Tracks of Sheer Curtains

Tracks for any type of curtain should also be considered. The tracks cannot be fitted into every type of header. Curtains with a pencil pleat, pinch pleat, or wave header style can be fitted to a curtain track. However, there are different curtain rails available to be chosen. Some of them are:

Corded Tracks

  • Metal & Plastic Tracks

Metal tracks are made from aluminum and come in a variety of colors like silver, gold, and brass, while plastic tracks are flexible yet strong and made from PVC.

  • Corded Tracks

Corded tracks are the ideal solution for tall windows and suit heavy curtains or light-colored fabrics. The cording system helps to open and close the curtains rather than yanking them.

  • Bay Window Tracks

These types of tracks are used for bay windows, whether they are two, four, or six-sided.

  • Uncorded Tracks

These are reliable, uncomplicated, simple in design, and have hand-operated tracks. Therefore, curtains are the easiest to maintain on these tracks.

  • Double Curtain Tracks

Double curtain tracks allow you to hang a pair of curtains at the same window. One pair on one track, and another for the lightweight sheer fabric.

  • Track & Valance Sets

Curtain valances are usually made from curtain fabric. They are topped with a decorative heading attached by hooks to the valence track.

6. Direction & Length Of Sheer Curtains

Direction & Length Of Sheer Curtains

To choose the Best Type Of Sheer Curtains, the design of hanging sheer curtains makes an eye-catching impression on your home decor. Therefore, if you are buying ready-made sheer curtains you should consider their designated directions. The opening of these directions can be inside or outside.

Mostly your sheers are open in the middle and stacked onto the side when we open. You need wall space for either side of the window for this. It provides a greater effect on the appearance of your sheer curtains.

7. Style of Sheer Curtains

The styling of curtains is an art. You can choose the styling of your sheer from the versatility of designs and patterns. It can be hung in different styles on the windows, doors, and patios of your home. I am describing some of the simplest and easiest ways to style your sheer curtains.

Style of Sheer Curtains

Set Apart

One of the simplest ways to style your sheer curtains is to set them apart. Half of the curtains are on one side and half are on the other side. You can use curtain tiebacks to hang them on the side.

Full Window Treatment

These curtains cover the full length of your window and are usually high and wide for the length and width of the window.

Floor Length

The sheer curtain length makes an effective appearance in your decor. Sheer length should be 2 to 3 inches long on the floor so that it can puddle on the floor.


This article concludes that the Best Type Of Sheer Curtains is lightweight with delicate and translucent fabrics. A key point is that sheer curtains should be used in the areas where light is needed. For choosing the best sheer curtains, you should consider their fabric, suitable color, heading and tracks, directions and styling, and above all, the place for which you are choosing these curtains. I hope this brief discussion about choosing the best sheer curtains will help you resolve your confusion about choosing the color, style, and fabric of sheer curtains.