Curtains play an important role in offices by adding visual interest, controlling light and privacy, and defining spaces. As we enter 2024, several key curtain trends are emerging for modern office spaces. From smart technology to bold colors, companies are following top office curtain trends to create productive and visually appealing work environments. This article will explore the top 10 office curtain trends to watch out for in 2024.

Top 10 Latest Office Curtain Trends 2024

Smart Curtains

Smart Curtains

Smart office curtains are becoming more popular in offices because they can open and close automatically on time or with temperature and sunlight. Motorized sheer curtains can softly screen light during the day, and blackout curtains can be closed all the way to make a room completely dark for presentations. Companies can better manage the work setting with smart curtains that don’t need to be operated by hand.

Layered Curtains

Expect to see more layered curtain designs where sheers and blackout curtains are combined on the same windows. The sheer layer filters natural light during the day, while the room-darkening layer blocks light for privacy or presentations when needed. This layered look adds depth and dimension while serving multiple functions.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Solid curtains in bright colors are popular right now because they add a splash of color to gray office decor. The tones are energizing, like orange, yellow, green, and red stand out. Colors that are right now popular like clay, mustard, and sage make things feel new. When hung in a partition-style window treatment, colorful curtains can bring life back to dull meeting rooms or make seating areas stand out by blocking out other colors.

Geometric and Abstract Prints

Modern geometric and abstract patterned curtains introduce artistic style without being too busy. Simple triangle or diamond prints make a subtle impact. Larger-scale abstract designs in contrasting colors make a bold graphic statement. Graphic curtain patterns work well on full-length office entry doors or collaborative spaces.

Natural Materials and Textures

Natural Materials and Textures

Natural linen, cotton, and jute curtains will be used in offices in 2024 to give them an organic look. Biophilic design is supported by these relaxed textures and natural poles and hardware. In a spa-like setting, unlined linen in its natural color gives the room a calm feel. For meeting rooms, put blackout curtains on top of cotton sheers to block out light and add cozy, natural textures.

Faux Wood Blinds

The faux wood blind is one of the top office curtain trends 2024 that offers warmth paired with the functional perks of hard blinds. Styles like faux bamboo and wood-look aluminum blinds expand decor options with the sleek, modern look of hard shades. Cordless operation and adjustable slats keep the room light levels customized. Faux woods combined with curtains enhance workspace design aesthetics.

Curved Rods and Tracks

Curved Rods and Tracks

More and more new metal curtain rods and tracks will have curves instead of straight lines. Architectural rods that bend in a bow shape make ceilings look higher and give a room a more modern look. Curved track systems make it easy for room dividers or panels that reach the sky to open and close. A curved rod’s elegant simplicity goes well with modern offices.

Nature-Inspired Fabrics

Curtain fabrics with plants, flowers, leaves, trees, or organic shapes on them make us feel like we’re in nature. You’ll feel calm and happy when you look at these realistic and abstract organic designs. With their soothing, nature-inspired patterns, many new curtain styles, such as floral jacquards, leafy damasks, or tone-on-tone textures, bring biophilia into the workplace.

Full-Length Door Curtains

Companies are maximizing privacy and noise control with wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor curtain treatments on office doors. Solid panels with blackout lining over doors to corridors limit distracting sight lines and muffle sound. Full soft treatments also upgrade the appearance of frosted office entry doors. Durably constructed curtain panels accommodate high-traffic openings.

Motorized Automation

Motorized Automation

Get motorized curtains that can be controlled by remote, voice activation, or building automation systems. With a convenient app or voice control, adjusting light-filtering sheers and room-darkening curtains is effortless. Automated curtains boost the functionality of conference rooms that require instant blackout capability or frequently change light levels. Integrating curtains into smart office systems allows centralized control.

Tips to Choose the Best Office Curtains

When selecting office curtains, consider the room’s purpose, traffic, architectural style, and lighting needs. Here are useful tips for choosing well-suited curtains:

Consider Durability

In high-traffic spaces like entrances or corridors, select tightly woven fabrics with stain resistance. For conference rooms, performance fabrics like polyester resist fading and stand up to frequent opening/closing. Also, examine curtain construction for strength at stress points.

Find Right Colors

Right Color Office Curtains

Tie curtains into the office’s overall color palette for a pulled-together aesthetic. Whether making a vibrant statement or matching subtly, coordinate curtain colors to paint, furnishings, and branding colors used throughout the office.

Pay Attention to the Details

Design elements like embroidery, cording, trims, and embellished headings add elevated style. For contemporary spaces, sleek metallic grommets create a modern flair. Warm offices benefit from natural details like decorative wood poles, textured fabrics, and tassel tiebacks.

Size Windows Properly

When determining curtain lengths and widths, add extra fullness for a soft gathered look. For layering sheers and blackouts, order each wide and long enough to cover the window for full control over light and privacy.

Consider Function

Identify the window’s purpose before selecting specialty curtains like room darkening, noise reduction, insulating, or UV filtering styles. Conference rooms need instant blackout capability. Areas near noisy roads should reduce sound.

Read Care Instructions

Read Care Instructions

Office curtains made of silk, linen, velvet, embroidered styles, or blackout should be professionally cleaned to maintain appearance and performance. Plan for rare costs like dry cleaning or replacements.

To make beautiful offices that are also more comfortable and productive, companies can customize the curtains to fit the needs and styles of each office. Smartly using these curtain tips will help improve both the look and function of your office design. The right window treatments can improve the picture of a business.


Curtains are useful to create productive places that meet the needs of employees. To control light and privacy, companies are smartly using trendy curtain styles like motorized curtains, smart curtains, and bold patterns on curved tracks. Curtains give artists the freedom to personalize offices because there are so many materials and styles to choose from. If you follow these top office curtain trends, your workplace will be productive. As we move into 2024, these new curtain ideas will help improve the look and function of offices.