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"Convert Your Room Into A Royal Place With The Help Of Our Velvet Curtains"

If you are looking for velvet curtains for your living room and bedroom, then you have come to the right place. We have been providing Velvet Curtains Dubai for more than 10 years. You can get unique curtain designs from us according to your requirements.

You can select your favorite curtains from our extensive range containing hundreds of designs, styles, and fabrics. You can get your most desired pink curtains from us at highly affordable rates.

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Benefits Of Buying Velvet Curtains Dubai From Us

If you are buying red velvet curtains from us, then you should be assured that our curtains are made from top-quality material and can provide you with extra durability. Our velvet blackout curtains are completely reliable, so you can use them according to your needs. The fabric that we are using in the making of our curtains can block all light rays. They can provide you with a completely secure environment in your place. The beauty of our velvet curtains Dubai can give you unbelievably royal treatment at your place. Your room will have an elegant look after installing our curtains. They make your place worth living in.
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Buy velvet Curtains Dubai
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Why Choose Us For Velvet Curtains Dubai?

If you are still confused about whether you should choose us for the making of your velvet window curtains, then you must have a look at our thousands of satisfied customers who are using our velvet window curtains at their homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants. The glance of our grey velvet curtains Dubai makes your place unique from others. Grey curtains look completely adorable in any type of interior. If you think that the prices of our velvet window curtains should be high, then you must be taking us wrong, because we care about our customers. We have set standard prices for our curtains so everyone can buy them easily. You can also get an amazing discount of 25% on our curtains if you order us online. We can also provide you with expert installation services so that your curtains hang nicely and perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is just a myth that velvet window curtains are hard to maintain. You can easily clean them with an upholstery brush when they get dirty.

If they have any stains, then you shouldn’t wash them in a washing machine. Rather, use a mild liquid detergent and wash them with lukewarm water. Make sure you give them a gentle hand wash and please don’t put them in a dryer. Try to dry them away from the sunlight.

Yes, you can easily pair curtains with other fabrics. You can pair your amazing velvet curtains with organic fabric or linen. They look completely contemporary with these combinations.

The addition of linen to your velvet window curtains can also make them sleek and add to the elegance of your velvet window curtains. A combination of two fabrics can also make your place unique.

Yes, you can wash your green velvet curtains, but not in a washing machine. You can put them in a washing tub and add lukewarm water. Add mild detergent to the water and slightly rub the stain on your velvet window curtains. Now wash the curtains with a generous amount of water. Never use strong detergents or bleach for the washing of your curtains.


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