Eyelet curtains remain a popular choice for many homes due to their airy, lightweight feel and ability to gently filter light. As we enter 2024, some fresh new eyelet curtain trends are emerging. From on-trend colors to new styles and innovative fabrics, there are many exciting options to consider when selecting eyelet curtains this year. So get ready to explore what are the latest trends in eyelet curtain designs for 2024. This guide will help you make better purchase of eyelet curtains for your place.

Neutral and Earthy Tones

Neutral and Earthy Tones

Neutral and earthy tones are going to be very popular for eyelet curtains in 2024. Window shades have been mostly white and gray for years, and now people want to add some soft, natural color to their homes. The most popular colors for eyelet curtains this year are gorgeous cream, beige, mushroom, and linen. These make a room feel calm and cozy without being too much.

Vibrant Accent Colors

You can add some drama with eyelet curtains in a color other than a gray one. People who want to make a strong statement will like to use bright colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, and mustard yellow.

Lighter touches of powder blue, sage, and pale peach make the room feel calmer while still being visually interesting. When you use splashes of these brighter or lighter colors against gray walls and furniture, the eyelet curtains stand out.

Big Floral Prints

Big Floral Prints

Eyelet curtains with oversized floral designs are poised to gain popularity in 2024. These large-scale floral prints coordinated with solids, wide horizontal stripes, gingham check, and classic lace insets create charming cottage-style window treatments.

The lighter open weave structure of eyelet fabric ensures even intensely patterned florals feel more breezy than bold. These gracefully feminine floral eyelet curtain panels feel right at home in a bedroom but also look unexpectedly fresh in living spaces.

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Textured Fabrics and Layered Curtain Panels

The trend for this year’s eyelet curtains is to have looser, open weaves, decorative hems, cute ties, and patterns that are stacked on top of each other. Textures like linens that are loosely woven or cotton that are tightly woven are appealing, and the trend toward natural fabrics is still going strong.

Layered eyelet curtain panels—two of the same print or solids and prints—add visual dimension and light and shadow. This stacked look gives you just the right amount of light filtering without blocking out all views or sunlight.

Decorative touches like ribbon trims, embroidered hems, and pom-pom and tassel ties are also becoming more popular, meeting people’s needs for handmade, tactile elements.

Sophisticated Neutrals

Sophisticated Neutrals 

Should you want a more efficient look, stylish neutral eyelet curtains are the perfect choice. Neutral colors like oyster gray, natural linen, alabaster white, desert sand, and cashmere cream are much more elegant than basic white and cream.

Tonal, textured, single-color eyelet curtains in these sleek colors look great with pops of black or wood tones and simple, straight lines. An unpatterned eyelet in elegant neutrals makes a chic base for layering textures and patterns.

Sheer Dim-out Fabrics That Filter Some Light

Room-darkening curtains are always useful and popular for keeping you private and helping you sleep. New thin fabrics that block light at a lower level are also available. These sheer blends of cotton, linen, silk, or man-made fibers are great for eyelet curtains in living rooms and beds.

They don’t block out as much light as opaque blackout curtains, with light levels running from 25% to 50%. Light can come in through sheer dim-outs, but they still block glare and heat gain. Layered sheer dim-out panels are a stylish way to cover eyelet curtains that want to block views in or out.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Fabrics

Eco-friendly Sustainable Fabrics

Another top curtain trend for 2024 is eco-friendly and sustainably found materials, which eyelet styles show well. For green design, fabrics made from organic plants, like bamboo viscose and linen, or recycled polyester and PET fabrics are a good choice.

Labels that use fewer chemicals, no bleaches, or harmful dyes are also becoming more and more important to customers. If you want morals and humanity in your design, choose eyelet curtains made from fabrics that are good for the environment.

The biodegradable and reusable nature of these fabrics is similar to how eyelet curtains can be used over and over again for generations.

Easy-care Treatments for Stain and Wrinkle Resistance

Eyelet curtains are relaxed because they are easy to clean and maintain, which works well for today’s busy homes. New easy-care finishes on eyelet curtain fabrics make them less likely to be dirty, get wrinkled, and lose their shape when washed in a machine.

Because dust and dirt can’t get into these long-lasting finishes, they can be cleaned with a wet cloth instead of needing to be washed often. It saves energy, time, and stress to look for durable, easy-care eyelet curtains in homes with pets and kids.

Recent improvements in stain resistance, UV resistance, and antimicrobial treatments have also made casual eyelet curtains last longer and be more useful.


You should stop wondering what are the latest trends in eyelet curtain designs for 2024. Because you have discovered the best designs for eyelet curtains. The lightness and airiness of eyelet curtains always make them feel welcome, and new color, print, texture, and fabric options open up new options. Leading trends for 2024 eyelet curtains include clean, neutral colors, eco-friendly materials, and easy-to-clean finishes. These lovely, airy curtains will keep blocking out the sun and making our houses brighter for years to come.